Creative Services

Creative Services at STI is about inspiring our clients to enhance their business. For STI Creative Services clients, it’s time to dream big again. Our world-class team of design and development professionals are directly accessible to our clients for collaboration, project execution and deployment in every key medium like Web Design technologies, print design, FLASH, brand identity, illustration & animation, brand management, e-commerce and mobile applications.

Our clients benefit in all three key elements of project success; Quality, Time and Cost.

STI has leveraged its years of recruiting expertise to build design and production teams of superior talent with solid expertise. Partner with this team with an off-shore cost model and dream start to become reality.

What STI-CS can do for you?
  • Create or enhance your Brand identity.
  • Retain you brand identity across multiple platforms like Print, Web, or any other medium.
  • Design Product campaigns and advertisement.
  • Solutions to Your Company’s E-learning Needs.

And for anything where you may need your right brain to stretch …..We are there instead”

  • Assured quality as per the international standards.
  • Nearly one third of the conventional pricing of creative services in the US.
  • Assured on time project delivery and within budget.
  • Dedicated project coordinators allocated for each project.
  • Multiple points of quality check, ensures close to zero defect delivery.
  • Services available 24/7 and response assured within 12 hours.

Go Up

Graphic design, media development and creating a brand identity: Many claim to do it, but we succeed by doing things differently; with a touch of class and blend it with a dash of our creativity

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