STI takes great pride in our development, WorkingSYSTEMS™. This is the basis for everything we do, and everything that we are. The goal of WorkingSYSTEMS™ is to create an environment for businesses and individuals to succeed, through the utilization of creativity and unique problem-solving skills. All of STI's staff and systems use our WorkingSYSTEMS™ model. This eight-step process will lead to the development of a self-managed system unique to any organization or business leading toward success.

RESULT: WorkingSYSTEMS™ enhances an organization's information flow, communication, quality of products and services, and overall effectiveness.


A quality driven system, developed to optimally create an effective organization, where business missions, strategy, processes, people and technology work together to achieve a common goal where the business and its people both succeed.


A self-directed individual working to identify and implement his or her own goals and aspirations in conjunction with company mission - to achieve success ,ethically and quality driven, for both the individual and the business in the same environment.

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