Our expertise is apparent in our own software product stiPASS™.

STI-PASS stands for STI's Personnel Acquisition Software System. STI has created a Working SYSTEM™ that streamlines the recruiting process for both permanent and contract personnel.


How much money could your organization save if one of the following came true?

  • Drastically reduce the cost of bad hiring!
  • Increase the quality of personnel!
  • Significantly reduce your recruiting cycle time!
  • Substantially reduce your personnel turnover rate!
  • Reduces legal risks associated with poor hiring practices!
  • STI-PASS will accomplish all of these things and more!
  • Facilitate and define actual skill sets in the form of a Job Profile, which is a tool to store your standard positions.
  • Define openings for contract staffing and permanent placement positions in the form of a Job Opening, generated from a Job Profile and used to communicate with recruiting resources.
  • Provide Notifications that allow companies to send back information to recruiters and other resources, for example:
    • Change in job opening
    • Request for interview
    • Candidate has been selected
    • Job opening has been filled
    • Notice of contract extension
    • Notice of contract termination
    • Catalog resumes for specific job openings
  • Generate interview sheets, listing both standard and customized areas to cover during the interview process. The tool also gives the ability to rate those interviewed. Interviews, because of this tool, are more structured and complete.
  • Provide an Evaluation Report – The tool gives the ability to evaluate those interviewed following the interview process – the results are printed out in an overall evaluation report, allowing for the best choices.
  • Provide statistical information of the recruiting process.
Provide a Working SYSTEM™ for effective recruiting from inception through project completion.


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