Engineering Services

Apart from software development, STI has made inroads into the core engineering sector. We have a full fledged team of engineers from different domains who are involved in providing core engineering services to various clients.

Diagnostic Services

The team is an exceptional blend of expert and proficient diagnostic authors, that is currently involved in creating diagnostic strategies for different models of cars based on the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). We create the strategies by using specially designed tools supplied by the manufacturer. These strategies are further used in diagnostic equipments like Portable Diagnostic Software (PDS) and Integrated Diagnostic Software (IDS).

Allied Services

Apart from the work mentioned above, the team is very much capable of some other related services in this field as mentioned below.

  • Diagnostic Strategy Validation: This refers to validating the diagnostic strategies on the vehicles. This involves, verifying whether a particular strategy will hold good on the selected vehicle.
  • Warranty Parts Failure Analysis: This involves analyzing the parts which have been reported by the vehicle dealer to be faulty before the lapse of the warranty period. Finding out the “Hows? & Whys?” of the failure is the main work out here.
  • Field Service Concern Analysis: Whenever there is a field service concern or a problem, the team out here can interact with the respective engineer and then keeping the engineer as a source we can act as a solution provider to the problem.
  • Technical Information Systems: We as a team are adept in creating Technical Information Systems which come in very handy when; for example there is a particular brand “Y” launched in Australia and the same brand is going to be launched in India. At this juncture you need a system that would help in the following tasks.
  • Developing the technical literature with the source information.
  • Validation of the technical literature

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Application Engineering

We have a team of application engineers that is completely involved in Module Configuration Programming. The following are the specifications of the service offered.

  • IDS & PDS development: IDS (Integrated Diagnostic Software) and the PDS (Portable Diagnostic Software) development is a major part of the work done by this team. This involves automation of the testing tools that is the IDS and the PDS, to a certain degree so that it can carry out the diagnostic process. The automation is done with the help of the XML files in VC++ platform. The protocol that is predominantly used for this process is CAN protocol. IDS and PDS development also constitutes of the development of the vcm i.e. the vehicle communication module.
  • MCP Wizard: This also forms an important part of the work done by this team. In this case, we create certain XML files according to the client requirements. Firstly, the client sends us the requirements and after that we study the requirements for the wizard and provide the concern and our understanding to the client. It is only after the client approves the concern and our understanding of the wizard, we start working on the MCP wizard that is created in VC++ platform with the help of the XML files used. After the creation of the wizard we perform the “Wizard Testing” to check the successful execution of the wizard, which means the XML is properly created or not.
  • Sanity Testing: We develop certain diagnostic software that is run directly over automobiles. We are involved in the sanity testing process, where we try to update the module of the vehicle by updating it with some files, provided by ford using a testing tool, which is either a laptop or a PDA. We test whether those files are properly downloaded and accepted by the respective module, and if not what are the necessary things it needs to get updated. We proceed with the sanity testing on several versions that gets released.

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Product Installation Testing

This service involves the testing of the installation media on different windows based platforms for diagnostic equipments like PDS and IDS. The testing is done by using VM Ware and Virtual PC.

The tests are carried out on all the prevalent windows based operating systems like Windows 2000, XP and Vista. These are again done on various languages as per the requirement.

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Automation / Controls Engineering

The controls engineering team is an integral part of STI’s professional services division. It works on electrical control systems and their automation. At present the team is working on the automation of garage parking for one of its clients. In short, the team members are involved in the automation of various industrial and electrical processes. This is a highly talented team and also rich in experience in the following areas.

  • SCADA Systems such as Cimplicity HMI, Cimplicty Tracker Module, RS View, Wonderware Intouch
  • Electrical Controls Design in ACAD 2000
  • Electrical Controls Designing as per GMPT OR DCX, N.A. standards
  • PLC Controllers such as Allen-Bradley, GE-Fanuc 90-30, Mitsubishi MELSEC, SIEMENS, etc.
  • Programming languages such as RSLogix500, RSLogix5000, RSLogix5, STEP-7
  • Program Integration
  • OEM Co-ordination
  • HMI programming such as PanelView, VersaView

The team at present is offering its services in the following areas.

  • Cimplicity Tracker Program Design, Development, Testing and Start-up for Robotic Parking
  • Electrical Controls Design in ACAD 2000 for Automotive Assembly Line
  • PLC Programming of Allen-Bradley PLC and MELSEC PLC for an Automotive Assembly line

We are also capable and experienced enough to provide services in the following areas apart from what is mentioned above.

  • Controls Design using EPLAN software
  • Conducting Audits of Electrical Drawings from various OEMs as per the specifications at various stages of design & built.
  • Program Integration  
  • Assist the controls launch team of a manufacturing plant (automotive) in resolving the controls related issues and handling the communication between various entities with proper documentation
  • Documentation services of Controls Design and specifications
  • Development, testing and debugging of communication driver software

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"Cater to wide array of engineering needs"

"Automation of the testing tools, that is the IDS and the PDS, with the help of the XML files in VC++ platform using CAN Protocol"

"A team of electrical control engineers experienced in PLC based engineering, HMI programming "

"Testing of the installation media on different windows based platforms for diagnostic equipments like PDS and IDS"

"We create the diagnostic strategies for different models of cars based on the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)"

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