Project Types

In this new economy, we understand our customer's ever increasing demands for flexibility that best serves their unique business requirements. We provide our client's the option of selecting a business project to suit any phase of a project life cycle.

Fixed Bid Project

STI makes an estimate of the effort, time frame and resource required for the given project details and provides the client with a fixed cost option for the project. The cost of the project remains unchanged unless the scope of the work is changed leading to a change in the estimation, mutually agreed between the client and STI. In a fixed price project bid, what will be delivered, when it will be delivered and how much it will cost is agreed to before the client signs off on the contracts.

Time and Material Project

The client is offered a fixed man hour pricing for each kind of resource.Under this mode we define the business model and work hand in hand with our client for execution of end-to-end project. At times once the scope is frozen the time and material project also gets converted to the fixed price model. We have very strict project management and reporting practices whereby task sheets are generated on a daily / weekly basis for each resources working on the project. It also ensures transparency in the billing process. The client is able to monitor hours spent and inform the project manager in case he is not happy with the number of hours spent for any part of the project work.

Flexibility in project execution

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